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Quit Selling Your F'in Tickets to Opposing Fans @ssholes

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How many times have your entered the Verizon Center to see your Georgetown Hoyas play in front of a home crowd and been blinded by the amount of Syracuse Orange, Notre Dame Green or Duke Blue in the stands.  How many times have you heard the student section get drowned out by chants of opposing fans, whether against Pittsburgh, UConn or even Illinois and that horrific ILL-INI cheer?  As a season ticket holder, I dread going to my section every game, fully knowing that it will be filled with opposing fans who bought their tickets from unprincipled and dishonorable alumni and Hoya fans looking to turn a quick profit off of their seats.  And because of their lack of integrity, Georgetown has never had nor will never have a true home court advantage.


Now I understand that it is nearly impossible to fill a 20,000 person arena with Georgetown fans alone, and that it is unfair to shut out opposing fans from games.  But that is what the 400 section is for.  I have been to countless road games and the only time I had remotely good seats were at Madison Square Garden.  I am fine with walking into Verizon and seeing the upper deck not colored Blue and Gray - but not the row in front of me; not the lower bowl.

Tickets for the Duke game do not go on sale to the general public until January 4th.  The only people in possession of tickets right now are season ticket holders - students, alums and fans who donate to the Hoya Hoop Club and receive packaged tickets.  Even alums who submitted requests for individual tickets through the Hoya Ticket Office have yet to be notified or sent tickets.  Yet, over 400 tickets are currently for sale through StubHub, half of which are for the lower bowl.

A quick look at the tickets up for sale on StubHub shows a disappointing trend.  The same opportunistic assholes that are selling their tickets for Duke are also selling their tickets for the other major home games.  Of the people selling their Duke tickets, over 80% are selling their tickets to UConn and Villanova, and nearly 70% are selling their tickets to Syracuse.  Over 60% are selling their tickets to all four games, while nearly 85% are selling their tickets to three out of the four (always including Duke).  

Unfortunately StubHub doesn't allow you to see the exact location of the seats until the purchase confirmation page otherwise I would definitely publish the seat locations.  Regardless, next time you go to your seats take notice of the opposing fans sitting in your section and wait for the Georgetown fan to show up and then drop kick them, throw beer at them, politely voice your displeasure (after confirmation that these Hoya fans did not purchase their tickets on Stubhub).

Good talk.