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Casual Communication: Inaugural Edition

Here at Casual Hoya we're instituting a weekly feature known as Casual Communication.  To send in a question, email

Because this is the first edition, these are actual questions from made up readers and the Casual Hoya staff.

With Henry Sims obviously not showing improvement thus far in the season, who else needs to show marked improvement for the Hoyas?  Chris, Washington, DC

I agree that Henry hasn't been nearly as good as people hoped / expected thus far.  That said, he's made strides, especially on the defensive end, the last two games.  Then again, after the Temple game I would have been an improvement over Henry.  His lack of improvement has been negated by Julian Vaughn's emergence as a legitimate low-post offensive threat.  He is providing what Hoya fans expected Sims to provide.

JV's improvement not withstanding, no one on Georgetown has improved as much as Jason Clark thus far.  He has become a do-it-all guard, and is the calming force Chris Wright is not.  It's been interesting watching Clark become the de facto point guard, which allows Wright to slash freely and lessens the amount of times Wright can throw his head down and barrel into a defender with no purpose.

More questions after the jump.

As a student, were you a Hoya guy or a Saxa guy?  Sung, Beijing, China

I was a Hoya guy.  It is simple.  If you are a Hoya, you are a leader.  If you are a Saxa, you are a follower.  Growing up my mom always told me to be a leader and not to do drugs, so I followed her advice.

How handsome is Julian Vaughn?  Steve, Seattle, Washington

My quick answer would be as he continues to play better, he continues to get more handsome.  He looked like Brad Pitt to me two nights ago after he dropped that left handed hook shot.  But let's get a lady's perspective on this.  I introduce our readers to Jeff Green's Mom, my girlfriend I met in a chatroom, for her perspective:

After gauging many a lady Hoyas' reaction to our own 6'9" stunner Julian Vaughn, I think it's only safe to say that he's fortunate (or unfortunate...) he wasn't on the Hilltop at the same time as the class of 2008. Does this attraction to the Hoya forward make us a bunch of "cougars"? Yes, and it's a label we'll proudly accept.

I think we're breaking up.

What are your thoughts on Hollis Thompson thus far?  Jackie, Florence, Italy

Let me put on my Jon Gruden mask for a second.  THE GUY IS JUST A BASKETBALL PLAYER!  HE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL!

Thanks for the analysis Jon, keep up the good work ruining my Monday nights for the next two years.  Hollis will help us most by giving us another outside threat, especially as his confidence and game reps continue to increase.  The most pleasant surprise about Hollis has been his ability to rebound.  I assumed he wouldn't be much of a rebounder because he's built like an under-fed female model.  It's natural to compare Hollis to DaJuan Summers because he replaces DaJuan.  I can't stop thinking how DaJuan's body and Hollis' basketball savvy and work ethic would be the greatest small forward ever.

Who is the best dressed coach in the Big East?  Mitch, Toronto, Canada

So many good candidates here:







 Ultimately, I'll go with the man at the helm for the Hoyas of Georgetown.



 Jeff Green's Mom will chime in again, though:

Best dressed coach in the Big East is clearly a toss-up between our own beloved JTIII and Nova's Jay Wright. As much as it pains me to say it, Wright's multiple wins of GQ's Fashionable Four award and his striking resemblance to a Mad Men character give him a slight edge.




Does Coach K wear a toupee?  If so, why doesn't Jim Boeheim wear one?  Bobby, Syracuse, NY

I believe he does.  Others may argue.  Either way, his hair sucks.  As for Boeheim, not sure he really needs a toupee, I mean look at his wife.




If Craig Esherick and a Miller Lite bottle were hanging off a cliff, which one would you save?  Maurice, St. Louis, Missouri 

Craig Esherick.  The man recruited my son.

Is the team's lack of a bench cause for concern?  Matt, New York, NY

JT III's teams at Georgetown have consistently played 6-7 players and the results have been pretty good.  The 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 teams played 6.5 guys (Ewing and Rivers' defense coming off the bench).  At the 1-3 positions, I actually like our depth.  Between Wright, Freeman, Clark and Hollis Thompson, I feel good there.  It even seems like Vee Sanford will be able to give us 10-15 minutes of quality guard play.  What I'm concerned about is our big man depth.  We still need Henry Sims to give us 15-20 solid minutes again because someone will invariably be in foul trouble.  Julian Vaughn has showed the stamina of a Biggest Loser contestant thus far.

Who is the ugliest player in the Big East?  Scott, Atlanta, GA

For so many years, this question was so easy - Eric Devendorf




But now that The Newt has graduated, has to be Luke Harangody.  Look at that face.  He's a walking advertisement for birth control.




As a "Casual Hoya" myself, I have trouble remembering who our starting five are.  Please clear up my confusion.  Thanks!  Russell, Washington, DC

No problem.  We start Chris Wright, a junior from Maryland, Austin Freeman, a junior from Maryland, Jason Clark, a sophomore from Virginia, Julian Vaughn, a junior from Virginia, and Greg Monroe, a sophomore from Louisiana.

Hope that clears it up for you, young fella.

Where do babies come from?  Jesus, Jerusalem, Israel

I always thought the John Carroll statue on the front lawn of Georgetown's campus.  Jeff Green's Mom has a different take:

Any true Hoya knows that babies are a direct result of a unique and intoxicating combination of Tombs Ale, Rhino dance parties and the MSB's lack of Friday classes.

Oh.  Ok.  See you next week.