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Sleeping With The Enemy: Welcome to Old Dominion

There's nothing like communicating with an Old Dominion student paper and having the editor-in-chief tell you that they're not only happy to answer your questions, but also willing to hook you up with interviews with players and coaches.  It's especially rewarding when the same editor-in-chief then decides to ignore your emails even though they know you have a deadline.  One would think an editor-in-chief, of all people, would understand and respect deadlines.  Then again, it is Old Dominion.  So rather than leave this space blank, once again we're bringing you all you need to know about our next opponent.  But this time, we're providing the answers to our own penetrating questions.  Frankly, it's probably more entertaining this way.  Old Dominion, this bud's for you


Here in time for the holidays!  ODU welcome mat can also be used to wipe butt with.  via

CH:  At Georgetown we have grown accustomed to the term ‘trap game.' Is this a trap game for the Hoyas?
Of course it's a trap game, what are you guys, idiots?  Whenever a ranked team plays an awful team at home in their own gym, that is practically the definition of trap game.  It was in 2006, it is in 2009.  You did go to Georgetown didn't you?  Isn't that supposed to be a good school? 

CH:  Who are ODU's best scorers? Rebounders?
Dude, we don't have any good players.  You ask me a question like this while I'm watching
'Jersey Shore' and you expect me to give you a decent answer?  Some of our guys are better at scoring than others.  Some others are also better at grabbing rebounds, generally when the ball falls into their hands.  'Jersey Shore' is the greatest by the way.  Did you see that girl get punched in the face?  Crazy stuff.  If Georgetown wants to win they should probably guard our big man Gerald Lee.  He's the only guy we have who can play.  And by 'play', I mean he'll probably ride the pine on your boy Nikita's professional team in Uzbekistan.

CH:  To get fired up for big games, does Coach Taylor invite members of Old Dominion's national championship hoops teams, you know, the 1978-80 AIAW squad and 1985 NCAA WOMEN'S CHAMPIONS, to give you pep talks? In a related question, does Coach Taylor invite Tennessee's Bruce Pearl out for beers to discuss being relegated to second class in their own gyms.
Who wouldn't get fired up listening to the back-to-back Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women national champions give pep talks? And picking up another national championship only 5 years after joining the NCAA for women's sports? That's sustained greatness, my friend. Unless, of course, you also include past 24 years. But take a look at our most famous women's alum: Ticha Penichiero - an 11 year WNBA career! Once a Monarch, always a Monarch.

Although I'm sure Coach Taylor and Coach Pearl enjoy getting together for some nice Long Island Iced Teas to commiserate, recent history has been kind to Coach Taylor - just look at the women's team sitting at 1-6 while the men's team won last year's Tournament.  Big win.

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CH:  Who is ODU's biggest rival for CAA, um, King's Dominion?
Let's be honest - there ain't much interest in ODU athletics. I mean, you couldn't even get real ODU bloggers to answer these questions. To give you a concrete example - the geniuses in athletic marketing are currently offering a Suite for the Duquesne game - that's TWENTY tickets for only $150 and as of this morning, there are precisely ZERO bids.

Both of our games against VCU are televised and that's the final game of the season so I'll go with that as the top game and biggest rival. Interestingly, however, the school was founded as the Norfolk Division of The College of William & Mary so there might be some sibling rivalry there.

CH:  Esteemed Casualhoya blogger LordNick loathed the Indiana Jones ride but raved about Splash Mountain on his recent trip to Disneyland. What can he expect when he ventures across DC lines to King's Dominion?
Well, first of all, if he went now he would see nothing. King's Dominion is closed until the spring. But when he does make it out there in March or April, he'll find a far larger assortment of thrill rides than at Disneyland. Certainly at the top of any list should be the Anaconda and the Drop Tower. Don't forget the Dominator and the Rebel Yell. You could probably pass on the Beserker and the Ricochet. And I'm not a big fan of rides like the White Water Canyon. And Xtreme Flyer is just dumb. Finally, hit the
Intimidator 305: "Biggest, Baddest and Meanest Coaster to hit the Mid-Atlantic!"



CH:  Gtown's infamous Craig Esherick sported a fine mustache and we're glad to see that Blaine Taylor maintains that tradition. Surprisingly, Esherick's comical facial hair didn't stop him from recruiting well - other than his mustache, what does Coach Taylor tell players that ODU has to offer?
Clearly, the chance to win championships and 119 games over the past 5 years. Over the past 4 years, the team won the tournament, made the NCAA tournament as a 12 seed in 2007 (and beat Gtown at McDonough along the way) and danced in the NIT in 2006. Taylor is a good punchline for jokes but he's proved to be a mustachioed coach in the vein of Fran Dunphy rather than Craig Esherick.


CH:  By Monarch, you mean the butterfly, right? Monarch butterflies are beautiful.
Actually, the Monarch is some kind of Lion, playing on the regal element of the King of the Jungle. ODU's mascot is Big Blue. Some kind of giant blue lion. Or a very sad one.

CH:  It's Saturday night in Norfolk, Virginia and you're ready to party. Where are you going and what are you doing? Tell us something we'd be surprised to know about the social scene at Old Dominion.
Well of course I'd consult my handy dandy online Norfolk Nightlife Guide, I mean there is just so much to do, I can't keep track of it all.  First, I would check if there is a women's basketball game on campus, I mean it is really just an amazing experience watching a program that used to be good, probably similar to what you big city Georgetown folks experienced when that mustached fellow, Esherick, was at the helm.  If nothing is going on, I'll hit the Old Dominion Speedway for some old fashion race car driving.


CH:  On November 18, 2006, the Monarchs infamously waltzed into McDonough and destroyed the then #8 ranked Hoyas 75-62, defeating a ranked team for the first time since beating the Kerry Kittles led Villanova squad in the 1995 NCAA tournament. After the loss to ODU, the Hoyas went on to win 28 of their next 33 games, resulting in a Big East Regular Season Title, Big East Tournament Title and Final Four appearance. There's no question here. I just wanted to say thank you.

CH:  Final Score prediction:
Georgetown 74, Old Dominion 52

This one's for Chris Henry.