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Roy Hibbert is Infinitely More Mature Than I Am

In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner, Roy Hibbert had this to say about his former teammates who have transfered or left school early to turn pro.

"Sometimes people don't like the offenses.  Sometimes people don't like the school. Sometimes they have family situations and things like that so I talk to those guys. It isn't that I only talk to the guys who are on the team. I talk to Vernon. I talk to DaJuan. I talk to Jeremiah just as much ... They're my teammates for life."

The following illustrates what Roy is trying to say:



Now before you release the hounds for my snide, crude and demeaning reaction to the Hibbert quote, I would like to say that what Roy said is exactly what I would like to hear from the big guy.  He has no hard feelings towards any of those players, as they all played important roles on the 2007 Final Four team.  The only reason I posted the above picture is because I thought it would be easier to have it prominently displayed on the website where I pathetically spend most of my time, as opposed to continually having to reference my bookmark to to stare at the pretty and shiny colors.

The Roy quote almost makes me feel bad for calling out DaJuan, Jeremiah and Vernon here,  here,  here,  here,  here and here.  Emphasis on almost.

The interview also has some interesting quotes on Roy's famous three against UConn, and how despite JT3's insistence that the play was not a fluke and that they practice those shots, it was definitely a busted play.  Hibbert states:

"I seriously wake up in cold sweats still remembering the plays.  I can still remember that play. Jon Wallace messed up the play against UConn, and so I had to take the three. We were supposed to run a play for him to take the last shot, but he messed it up."

Hibbert might wake up in cold sweats but I wake up with [insert wet dream reference that further proves the title of this post] because of that shot.  But unfortunately, due to the Hibbert shot, we all have to watch Monroe, Vaughn and Sims try to unsuccessfully recreate the magic, every single freckin game.

Good talk.