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Casual Communication: Where Amazing Doesn't Happen

Back for another edition of Casual Communication. Believe it or not, most of these questions came from actual readers. If you want to have your questions answered, email and I promise it will, we've got no other options.

What is your favorite obnoxious fan cheer? Cole, Philadelphia, PA

For refs, I will always enjoy "Get off your knees ref, you're blowing the game." It is particularly useful when John Cahill is a referee. For players, my favorite was for Syracuse guard Eric Devendorf, in light of his assault charges. It was a simple "You hit wo-men" (clap, clap, clap clap clap). For teams, I enjoy pulling out the keys and chanting, "Warm up the bus."

Club Trillion has christened Evan Turner "The Villain". What are the best nicknames for current Hoyas that you'd come up with? Harry, Godrics Hollow, England

Chris Wright - The Wrecking Ball. I think this works on a few levels. He can score in bunches, wrecking other teams. He can turn the ball over in bunches, wrecking our team. And when he plows into the lane, he resembles a Wrecking Ball. Chris, you are the Wrecking Ball.

Hollis Thompson - The Kid. He's a stud freshman, he looks like he's 12, he hustles his ass off, and he's a good teammate.

Austin Freeman - JT IV. First, because he looks like our beloved coach's child. Second, because he has become the coach on the floor. On Tuesday, he gently explained to Henry Sims that it's a bad idea to pick up 4 fouls when everyone else has 4 fouls, and also calmed down The Wrecking Ball.

Jason Clark - Inspector Gadget. When he sticks his arms out to steal a pass, it looks like he is activating the Go Go Gadget Arms.



Greg Monroe - Vincent Chase. He's the franchise, we'll only go as far as he does. Like an episode of Entourage, I always have fun watching him, but I also always expect more.

In your opinion, which Hoya player has the most groupies? Coleman, Philadelphia, PA

I can tell you that in the class of 2008, it was definitely Patrick Ewing, Jr. But for the current Hoyas? I think it is Hollis Thompson. The man has a lot of appeal to girls on campus. For freshmen, he's experienced - he's been on campus since last January. He's the cool freshman with the older friends. He's got a sweet shooting stroke. He looks like he's nice and tries hard to be a good teammate. And he's just adorable, right? Am I right? Anyone?

Has Greg Monroe lived up to the hype? Liora, Malibu, CA

An interesting question, especially considering his performance against Butler on Tuesday. The quick answer is no, at this point he hasn't. He was the #1 recruit in the nation for most of his high school career. Let's look at the #1 ranked players the years before Greg.

2007 - Michael Beasley

2006 - Greg Oden

2005 - Gerald Green

2004 - Dwight Howard

2003 - LeBron James

2002 - Carmelo Anthony

Considering LeBron, Carmelo and Dwight are three of the five best players in the NBA, it's clear that Greg doesn't stack up yet. The Hoyas went 16-15 last year and missed the NCAAs. But, Greg wasn't expected to dominate like those guys have. Even in high school, Greg's prodigious talent came with questions about his motor, so his "hype" wasn't nearly as loud.

If Greg leads the Hoyas to an Elite Eight, makes First Team All Big East, and goes in the top 10 in the NBA Draft, I think he will have lived up to the hype. Let's see how it plays out.

Last night (Casual Note: a week ago now) I watched as Taylor King, the former Duke forward, put up 16 against Drexel--shooting 4-6 from behind the 3-pt mark--with 5 rebounds, 2 steals, and a block to round out his line. And he's essentially the sixth man on this number three Villanova team; King played only 23 minutes last night. While it is fair to note that Nova was playing Drexel and has not really been challenged by their schedule yet this year, King is averaging just over 10 points a game, almost 7 rebounds a game, and is shooting near the .500 mark from downtown. (Casual Note: King also had 20 points, including 4 three-pointers, a couple of which were absolute daggers, and 9 rebounds last night against a surprisingly spunky St. Joe's team) All this begs the question: is Taylor King the best transfer player in the Big East this year? Maybe/Probably. But I'd love to see a list of the best transfer players in the Big East over the last ten years and see how King stacks up, assuming his averages stay the same for the season. Iceberg, Villanova, PA

Look here Iceberg. Casual Communication is about Casual discussion where I get to spout off about nicknames, groupies, and other nonsense. I don't want to do "research" or find "statistics" or use my "brain".

After doing all of these things, as well as getting help from the rest of the Casual Hoya staff, your question has been amended. The Big East is not a conference that tends to attract a lot of transfers, so we're going to do a list of five. We're also going to use transfers from the last five years, since the Big East expanded to 16 teams.

1. Jeremiah Rivers, Georgetown. Though he transferred out of the conference, simply by leaving, he increased the competitiveness of the entire league.

2. David Padgett, Louisville. Averaged 11.2 PPG in 2007-2008 when Louisville finished second in the Big East. Also bonus points for being the only non-Georgetown transfer I remembered without having to use the Google machine.

3. Patrick Ewing Jr., Georgetown. 6th man on back-to-back Big East Championship teams and 2007 Final Four team. Won the Big East's inaugural 6th Man Award in 2007-2008 season. Put up Wilt Chamberlain-like numbers on Georgetown's campus.



4. Jeff Xavier, Providence. Averaged 10.4 PPG in his two years at Providence. Bonus points for his brother, Jonathan Xavier, running onto the court during a game in January 2009 to confront a referee, subsequently getting arrested for disorderly conduct. Look at his face, what a psycho.

5. Wesley Johnson, Syracuse. Usually, it'd be premature to put a guy who has played eight games, but I mean look at this list. It's really bad. And Wesley Johnson is projected to be a top 5 draft pick. I promise you, Iceberg, that he is the best transfer to come through the Big East in 5 years, 10 years, etc. Does it hurt to admit? Yes. But he's really, really good.

As for Mr. King, he had that great game last night and hit a clutch three to seal the game. My guess is he'll sneak into this top 5 list by the end of the year. If not, he really sucks, because none of these guys really lit it up. Do not ask another question like this, my brain hurts.

How did you feel when told there was no room at the inn on Jeff's day of birth? James, Long Island, NY

I'd say I felt a combination of fear, horniness, and hunger.

Which Hoya (past and present) would fit in best with the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore?" K Dogg, New York, NY



First of all, for the 20 of you that read this, please watch this show. I beg you. Words do not do it justice. It is the John Wall of reality TV shows, you have to see it to believe it.

As for your question, the past Hoya that would fit in best would be DaJuan Summers. He has the tattoos, the body, the crappy facial hair, and the insecurities that would make him perfect for the show. I might even start calling DaJuan "The Situation". When it comes to current Hoyas, I think my boy Chris Wright would probably fit the best. He's got an "I'll fight anyone, including my teammates" edge to him that is both intimidating and admirable. I have the same conflicting and exciting feelings every time Ronny gets on screen. I would also consider Jeremiah Rivers just because he looks so much like Vinny, who is farthest left in this picture.