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The Casual Awards: The Bigs Finally Play Like Bigs

After two riveting victories over cupcakes at Verizon, once again we're handing out hardware to those most deserving.  Ladies and gents, without further ado, here are The Casual Awards: The Mount.

Verizon Center Fan-Friendly Award:
The gentleman from Section 118 who after being caught stealing a girl's wallet proceeded to threaten and lunge at a Georgetown alum. If it weren't for you, we would have been forced to pay attention to the stupid halftime shows the Verizon Center puts on. So thank you for bringing your delinquency to DC and reminding us of Syracuse.

Sign of the Apocalypse Award:
Nikita Mescheriakov played five minutes without committing a turnover and/or foul.

Craig Esherick Bonehead Coaching Award:
Nikita Mescheriakov played five minutes.

Jack Nicholson Award for Celebrity Fan of the Game:
Wale showed up at the Wizards game last week, and was Celebrity Fan of the Game. Georgetown plays in the same arena as the Wizards. Thus, by the transitive property of Verizon, Wale was the Georgetown Celebrity Fan of the Game. 

William Wallace Braveheart Award:
Congratulations to Greg Monroe, the first recipient of the famed William Wallace Braveheart Award. Young Greg took the Hoyas on his broad shoulders and led us to glory. Monroe attempted 19 field goals in this game, the most he has ever attempted in his career and the most attempted by a Georgetown player since Jeff Green heroically took 23 shots and scored 30 points to defeat Notre Dame in the semifinals of the 2007 Big East Tournament.  Note: Jeff Green took 5 shots in the Final Four loss to Ohio State, a number so baffling that it is making me angry as I type this.  So angry, in fact, that I feel like driving my Escalade into a fire hydrant.  Note: I do not have an Escalade. 

Anthony Mason Ridiculously Awesome Haircut Award:
Shawn Atupem from Mount St. Mary's sporting the old school Kid n' Play look. If it weren't for the wallet-stealer, Atupem would have also won the Fan-Friendly award and become the first ever person to win two awards in one game.  As an aside, Class Act is a tremendous film.

Drew Carey Award for Worst Gameshow:
Named after the porky Cleveland comedian who ruined The Price is Right, this award recognizes poor attempts at encouraging crowd participation.  Georgetown has now been running two outright absurd promotions for a few years: Deal or no Deal (How does this even make sense? The contestants have NO CLUE of what's in the other envelopes so there's never any real intrigue plus, no one knows who Jeff Dunham is) and a Trivia Challenge with stumpers like "name the Coach of Savannah State". There has to be one creative person in the Marketing Department who can come up with a legitimate contest.  May we suggest a casual dizzy bat race, or perhaps a classic half-court shot for million, thousand, hundred, whatever Georgetown can afford dollars?  Additionally - why the heck does the winner of the Trivia Challenge get a free Jiffy Lube oil change?!?  Seriously - an oil change?  It is more of a burden to have a free oil change than to not have one.  Reminds me of the time I won free Nationals tickets and couldn't get rid of them, stuck with me like a scarlet N. 

John Daly Alcohol Award:
Verizon Center for providing such beers of upside (e.g., Peroni) but cruelly taking them away with 15 minutes left in the second half.  You might notice a trend here - we will never quit harping about this grave injustice.

Bring It On Award:
One pom-pom to cheerleading squad  for coming out for this game after not suiting up at all for the battle with Lafayette. Shouldn't missing Thanksgiving be part of the trials of being a world famous cheerleading team?      

The Tiger Woods Award:
Julian Vaughn. 14 points (7-11 FG), 8 rebounds and 3 blocks. Coming into the year, many fans believed the season rested on the shoulders of Henry Sims. Thus far, JV has completely outperformed him. How about that hook shot too? We particularly enjoyed the way he crashed the boards on both ends last night. Speaking of crashes, we here at Casual Hoya would like to extend our best wishes to Tiger Woods on a speedy recovery from getting beat up by his wife.  We here at Casual Hoya also would like Rachel Uchitel's phone number.

The Georgetown Hoyas are still an undefeated nationally ranked powerhouse.

American is NeXt.