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And It Begins... 2009-10 Season Tips Off at 7pm

At last, the season is here!  But Georgetown does not play until Friday.  The only Big East team to play between now and then is Syracuse, who will face Albany tonight and Robert Morris and Wednesday.

So that leaves ample time for me throw myself out there and make foolish and outlandish predictions for the season based on solely on team colors and mascots.  Here ya go:

Overall Record
21 - 8

Conference Record

Home Record

Away Record

Key RPI Wins
vs. Butler, @Cuse, Duke, Nova

Key RPI Losses
vs. Washington, UConn, Seton Hall, @Nova, @Pitt, Cuse, @Louisville, @WVU


Start out the season 12-1 and crack the Top Ten in polls.  Then have a four game losing streak in January, including losses to Seton Hall and at Pittsburgh.  Afterwards, people begin to question JT3, the system and the meaning of life.  Bounce back big with back-to-back wins at Cuse (first time in JT3's career) and home versus Duke and win against Nova a week later.  Don't see us sweeping Cuse so lose to them at Verizon and then finish out the season losing at Louisville and West Virgina but beating Notre Dame and Cincinnati in DC in between.  Finish 5th in the Big East, but put together a run to the semis in the Big East Tournament resulting in a four seed in NCAA Tourney.  Then proceed to go on a big momma run in the Tournament and end up winning the Super Bowl on a last minute home run during stoppage time.

Now have at it.

Good talk.