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Barnes Set to Announce Next Friday - Implications for Hoyas

Harrison Barnes, a top recruit from the Class of 2010, is expected to announce his decision next Friday (not this Friday like I initially wrote because I was too lazy to read the full email I received).  Georgetown is no where in the mix for the services of the 6'6'' SF out of Iowa, but Georgetown could benefit.  Barnes is currently deciding between  UNC, Iowa State, UCLA, Oklahoma, Kansas and Duke, but all preliminary reports indicate that it is a two-horse race between UNC and Duke.

Should Barnes choose Duke, chances are that Roscoe Smith will drop Duke from his list, leaving only Georgetown and Connecticut as possible suitors.

Georgetown is also recruiting Jelan Kendrick, Tony Mitchell and Maurice Walker from the Class of 2010.  Assuming Monroe leaves, there are two available scholarship spots for the 2010-11 season.

On a side note: Not sure why any recruit would choose to play for Coach K at Duke, given his long history of taking superior high school athletes, stripping them of all valuable on-the-court skills, teaching them to flop and floor slap, and then sending them to the NBA to sit on a bench for the first few years of their careers until they learn how to play again.  Am I missing something?

Good talk.