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Georgetown vs. Tulane - Thoughts, Observations and General Nonsense

From what I could watch of the game online, and infer from Rich Chvotkin's rich, colorful and emphatic play-by-play, we played pretty well.  Turning point of the game was the technical foul called on Tulane forward Asim McQueen, which shifted momentum away from the surging Green Wave.  

Random observations:

  • Second time Georgetown has opened the season on the road under JT3 - first was at Navy in 2005-06
  • Georgetown has not lost an opener since the 2004-05 season, JT3's first year at the helm, when they lost to Temple by 18 points, still the largest margin of defeat at home for JT3 (ties loss to Louisville last season)
  • They have not played Temple since that loss - until next Tuesday (cue evil sounding music)
  • Georgetown has not lost an opener away from home since 1998-99 season, which was also against Temple, but in New York
  • Georgetown has not lost a true away opener (not played at neutral site) since 1971-72 season, which was against Boston University (although it can be argued that the opening loss to Maryland at USAir Arena in 1993 was an away game since Maryland wore home uniforms)
  • First time shot Georgetown shot over 40% from 3pt land since loss to Marquette - seven games and two losses against St. John's ago
  • First time Greg Monroe has led the team in scoring since loss at St. John's - four games ago
  • First time Greg Monroe has led the team in scoring and rebounding since loss at Notre Dame - eighteen games ago (tied Wright for rebound leader in St. John's game mentioned above)
  • First time the team made at least fifteen dunks/layups since win against South Florida - twelve games ago
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