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Tulane Victorious in Tuneup for Georgetown

In its tuneup for Georgetown on Friday, Tulane defeated neighbor Loyola 78-64 in an exhibition game last night.

It may have just been an exhibition game (ask 'Cuse about those), but it seems as if the only guy who can score for the Wave is guard Kris Richard, who poured in 27 points and was 5 for 5 from three point land.

According to the article in today's Times-Picayune, Tulane looked sloppy offensively and was outrebounded by a smaller Loyola squad. (Link)

As far as friday's game against the Hoyas goes, Tulane coach Dave Dickerson offered the following:

"By Georgetown, we'll be ready to play offensively, I think," Dickerson said.


That's exactly what you want to hear from your head coach heading into the biggest game you have played on-campus this century.