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The Alltime Greats

Obviously DC has a lot to be excited about with the Skins' dominant onfield performance yesterday (Note Jason Campbell's leadership quote to ESPN 980: "I was sitting on the sideline like, 'Man, why is this happening to me today?' ") but the real discussion can now begin as ESPN releases its College Basketball Encyclopedia and the corresponding All-Time Rankings (

I'll never profess to be a computer wizard but one has to wonder about Jeff Sagarin's resume and his computer rankings, when his Top 10 all time teams include powerhouses like ILLINOIS (no national championships), PURDUE (national champs in 1932), and IOWA (no national championships) - toss in the Buckeyes and the Big Ten claims 40% of the top spots. But why would those championships matter as UCLA and its 11 come in at #2 behind the good old Kentucky Wildcats?

Of course, one need only to scan to #42 to take serious issue as the Hoyas clock in behind the mighty Wildcats at K State (presumably based on their glory days with Mitch Richmond or Rolando Blackman?), the Temple Owls (bonus points for coaches threatening to kill Calipari?), and the Bradley Braves (the undergrad alma mater of sports law legend Gary Roberts and college home of Hersey Hawkins).

Bingo Broadus deserves special recognition for imploding a program ranked dead last - even behind the mighty Hornets down at Savannah State. Good times in Upstate.