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Basketball, Burgers and Beer - Oh My!



Hoya Hoop Club members should have already received the annual invitation to the Men's Basketball Open Practice, to take place this Saturday at McDonough at 11am.  But for the first time ever, the practice will be open to all donating members of the senior class.  Below are the details from the chair of the senior gift committee:

This Saturday, October 24th, members of the senior class have the chance to experience an opportunity  that has never before been open to your average Hoya student. The Class of 2010 Fund is happy to host the first ever Open Basketball Practice. Starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, the doors of O'Donovan Hall will open for a 30 minute autograph session with players and coaches of the men's basketball team. Following the autograph session, players and coaches will answer questions about the upcoming season. Starting at 11am, the first practice open to both Hoya Hoop Club members and senior class donors will begin in McDonough Gymnasium.  Following the hour-long practice, beer will be served to those seniors of age, and the Georgetown University Grilling Society will fire up the grills to serve their world famous burgers. Autographs, Q&A, Open Practice, GUGS and Beer...What else could a Hoya basketball fan ask for? Make your gift to the 2010 Fund at the door or online prior to the event to be eligible to attend.

I normally wouldn't impose but since since they asked the question, "what else could a Hoya basketball fan ask for," would it be possible to include a national championship ceremony during the performance?  Perhaps a performance by Kelly Clarkson?  Or maybe some beer?  Oh, they already thought of the beer, nevermind, this is gonna be the best day ever!

Target practice will be held in the men's bathroom after the practice.

Good talk.