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Summary of Georgetown Media Day Coverage

Every year flocks of beat writers rush into the famed McDonough Arena to catch a glimpse of the new Georgetown Basketball squad.  And every year fans across the globe rush to the nearest newsstand to read about what to expect from their beloved Hoyas.  And then the fans realize they learned nothing new because the writers are recycling the same thoughts from April.  To summarize the coverage of the many publications linked below, Georgetown still has Greg Monroe, Georgetown has no seniors and Coach Thompson has not forgotten about last year.

Hoyas Desperate for a Fresh Start -- The Washington Times
No Seniors, but Hoyas Return with Monroe -- The Washington Post
Sophomore Monroe Expected to Lead No-Senior Hoyas -- Sports Illustrated
Back for More - Monroe Passed on the NBA in Hopes of Redeeming Georgetown -- SLAM Magazine

But for actual content, check out Media Day coverage, which has full transcripts from interviews with coaches and players.

Take a look at the pretty pictures we now get courtesy of the AP, should have them post every game and event.

Good talk.