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Hits at the Half

- hoyas by 2 at the break
- the big news in the garden (aside from the exhorbitant beer prices)
is that freeman is OUT of the starting lineup, replaced by jessie
sapp. I don't blame jt3 if he's trying to send a message to freeman,
who was horrible in the nova game with 2points and 5fouls. The bigger
problem is that freeman has been sitting on the bench in warmups with
a towel over is shoulder the entire 1st half, so this goes beyond a
simple poor performance against nova.
- as a consequence of freeman's benching, wattad has seen burn for the
1st time in 3 games, and has generally been useless.
- sims getting a lot of minutes in the 1st half, which is fine by me.
In fact, jt3 sported a casual monroe, sims, nikita, wright, and clark
lineup, a potential preview (sans freeman) for next year's upside.
- we're not playing terribly, just not all that well. Johnnies kept in
the game by some opportune 3s.

We really need this.

More fun later.