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Andy Katz

Has Andy Katz been reading the blog? In his "What we learned on Saturday" column, something sounds familiar...

In the Big East: Georgetown has more than just a pulse. Their win at Villanova put the Hoyas at 6-10 in the Big East. Win the final two games to get to 8-10 and win a first-round game in the Big East tournament, and the Hoyas will be on the board to get a bid with two bankable big-time wins over Connecticut and Memphis.

Thanks, chief.
From yesterday's post-Nova entry:
The pulse of Georgetown's Dance hopes isn't dead yet, but perhaps is now more than just faint. If you figure the Hoyas take the next two against the Johnnies and woeful Blue Demons, they're sitting at 17-12 (8-10) with the #1 Strength of Schedule in the country, a top 40 RPI, and wins over UConn, Memphis (likely both #1 seeds), 'Cuse, and now at Nova.I hate to say it, but should the Hoyas win the next 2 and then bank a win in the BET, it's a harder argument to leave them out come March 15th than it is to include them.