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Wilbon Column

Here's the Georgetown excerpt from today's Michael Wilbon column:

Even though Georgetown went 10-1 to start the season and scored a win at U-Conn., the Hoyas are too young. As Louisville Coach Rick Pitino accurately observed the other day, young teams can jump out to a quick start, but usually they wear down in the face of consistently good opposition, which is what the Big East has in droves. What's surprising is the level of angst around Georgetown, given that the program reached the Final Four two years ago. What, the Hoyas are supposed to do that every year? They were never going to march through the Big East with that baby-faced team. Georgetown will have to win its three remaining regular season games, then reel off three and perhaps four victories in the Big East tournament to get an at-large bid, none of which is likely.

While it's difficult to disagree with Wilbon's logic, it misses the point. The angst at Georgetown is not so much a result of defied expectations as it is the effort that the team has shown and the lack of heart. At minimum, the 2005-2008 Hoyas, win or lose, would play tough defense and fight for every rebound and loose ball. Yes, we know the Hoyas are a young team. But I don't think all of a sudden when Summers is a senior the light bulb is going to turn on.