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We Want Ewing!

Kudos to Knicks GM Donnie Walsh for creating cap space and freeing up two roster spots today. The obvious question is who will fill the two slots with the Debacles (Marbury and Curry) both hopelessly inactive, and speculation has been revolving around Patrick Ewing, Jr.

Ewing, who has been putting up impressive numbers with Reno in the D-League, supposedly has some sort of an arrangement with Knicks brass that he will be called up at some point, and now is clearly the best time.

The Knicks, with the playoff pipe dream in the rear view mirror, would be smart to bring Ewing to New York and have him learn the system with nothing at stake. Ewing would at minimum provide a spark to the squad, play his role as the ultimate team guy, and rev up the MSG crowd just as he did in the preseason with this:

Would any Knicks fan have a problem if D'Antoni trotted out Lee, Ewing, Gallinari, Chandler, and Duhon the rest of the season with Nate Robinson off the bench?

Didn't think so.