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Tremendous article in the typically lackluster Washington Post today about how horrific Maryland basketball has become. Even though that's something everyone within 500 miles of College Park already knows, it's still a good read. And the rest of the series will likely only increase my joy as Gary Williams suffers. Oh, and how were things going in the spring of 2007 for the Terps?

Once again, attention locally was on the Final Four. Behind third-year coach John Thompson III, Georgetown returned to the national semifinals for the first time since 1985. The Hoyas were led by Jeff Green, an all-Met forward from Northwestern High, a stone's throw from the Maryland campus; and Roy Hibbert, a second-team All-Met center from Georgetown Prep in North Bethesda.

Poor Gary. Upstaged by George Mason and Georgetown two years in a row. And that sure as hell didn't help his recruiting...

But the challenge remains in the Washington area, where Georgetown has reestablished itself. Five years after Maryland landed Garrison from DeMatha, the Hoyas signed Austin Freeman, the 2007 All-Met Player of the Year, out of the Hyattsville school.

"We recruited Freeman," Williams said. "Didn't get him. Don't know why we didn't get him. DeMatha players had not gone to Georgetown historically so we thought we had a chance."

Really? A chance? Sorry, homeslice. Maybe you can get GW on your schedule next year.