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Syracuse is Horrible

As if you needed any more reason to hate Syracuse, you have to check out this YouTube clip of how the Hoya faithful were treated at the Carrier Dome at the game on Saturday.

Now, I'm not going to play an innocent here as I've certainly done my fair share of heckling to fans of visiting teams at Verizon and beyond. But I'm not going to attack the actions of the Cuse students here because, let's face it, it's completely understandable.

If you, like all of the Cuse fans who appear in the clip, were pale, fat, and horribly ugly, had the misfortune of attending school for 4 years in Syracuse, NY, and have had to sit through season after season of disappointment on the court, you'd likely have similar pangs of aggression.

Equally repulsive is the response that the school's lame attempt at Hoya Blue, something called Otto's Army, issued as an 'apology':

Dear Hoya Blue,
Otto’s Army, the student section organization of Syracuse University, apologizes for the poor behavior of our student section in our recent home game against Georgetown. Our students took a heated, fun rivalry too far and put a damper on what should have been a great day for Syracuse University.

The purpose of Otto’s Army, as defined by our constitution, is a) to unite the student section of Syracuse University Athletics under one flag, b) to support Syracuse University Athletics and the Syracuse community, and c) to manage the official list for camping out and all other aspects of the student section during athletic events.

We did not manage the student section well enough to prevent the throwing of any projectile the upper deck could get its hands on. While the number of students who took part in the physical assault is limited, Otto’s Army as well as the Carrier Dome staff is still responsible for the actions of all the students who attend games. We did not represent Syracuse University Athletics in a respectable manner and as a result, Hoya Blue’s trip to the Carrier Dome, which should have only ended with a disappointing loss, ended instead with a threat against your physical well being.

Otto’s Army will be planning future road trips to away games like Hoya Blue’s trip to Syracuse. We would never want to face the kind of treatment that Hoya Blue did inside the Carrier Dome. It is only fair and respectful that Otto’s Army should do the same to opposing fans.

The student section’s obscene gestures after seemingly every whistle were also disrespectful and uncalled for. We will work to prevent future similar actions.

Since the creation of Otto’s Army in the spring of 2006, we have strived to become one of the loudest, proudest, and most reputable student sections in the country. Treating opposing fans the way the Army did will not let us reach our goal.

We hope this event will not deter Hoya Blue from making future trips to the Carrier Dome. The presence of opposing fans and the passion they bring intensifies what is already the conference’s most heated rivalry.

Jameson Fleming,
President, Otto’s Army

Cuse is the worst. THE WORST. Really looking forward to Boeheim's press conference after its 1st round loss in the Dance to a low-level mid major. AGAIN.