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Lazy Sunday in our nation's capital.

I'm still recovering from Georgetown's disappointing outcome
yesterday, and while I may be delusional by thinking that we can run
off 4 in a row, hope still survives.

One of the best things about the last 3 years was that because
Georgetown was in the Dance mix, it made watching other games
involving Tourney of Bubble teams fun to watch. Rarely if ever did I
change the channel when Bilas and crew were discussing seeding, who is
in, who is out, etc. But now, it kind of just pisses me off to hear
them talk and watch other games, as the inevitable reality of our
being left out come Selection Sunday draws closer.

The Hoyas teams of the past 3 years simply wouldn't have lost that
game yesterday. As I move on and get ready for Louisville, I'm coming
to terms with the fact that maybe, as our record and Tourney resume
indicates, we're just not that good. Where is the heart on this team?

By the way, that 'celebration' honoring the '84 team was really lame.
If you can't get Ewing to make it, then it's just not worth having.
Sorry, but that's the reality.

I like all things Slumdog tonight at the Oscars, and hope Rourke gets
the nod over Penn. Still not sure how that Springsteen song for 'The
Wrestler' wins a Golden Globe but doesn't even get an Oscar
nomination, but whatever, I have bigger problems to deal with.

Pitino is next.