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2nd Half Hits - The Sky is Falling

  • Hoyas were up 31-24 in this game.
  • I could drive from NYC to Syracuse faster than it takes Nikita to get a shot off.
  • Announcer's keep wondering "who is going to score for Georgetown?" I think that's a great question. Summers is HORRIBLE. That he is projected as a mid 1st-rounder is a joke. Frankly, I hope South Florida drafts him so we can face him next year.
  • Time to take the gloves off re our precious freshman. Monroe is getting physically manhandled inside and is nearly invisible offensively.
  • Memo to JT3: Stop clapping every time we throw the ball out of bounds or miss another free throw. This is not applause-worthy - it's get your butt on the bench worthy.
  • Wattad seems to be buried - much like our Tourney hopes...
  • Hoyas are getting throttled on national television, but at least Summers keeps chucking bad 3s.
  • SO BAD ON THE FASTBREAK! It's almost uncanny. Someone over at Hoya Prospectus needs to find out our success rate on the break. My guess is that it's less than 50%.
  • Wright is keeping us in this game with his ability to penetrate and surprisingly, finish. But I have no confidence in this team to close a deficit in the final minutes.
  • 3 minutes there any doubt that these clown fans are going to storm the court?
  • 5 point game with 85 secs left. NEED A STOP...easy layup for Cuse. Not surprised. I have no idea why Monroe was flashing at the top of the key on that possession. Who are you fooling at this point in the game?
  • Whoa. Complete collapse by Cuse here...
  • Monroe Monroe Monroe...why can't you make a free throw?
  • JESUS JESUS JESUS (AND I'M JEWISH!) WE JUST HAD A CHANCE TO WIN THAT GAME IN REGULATION! What a complete collapse by Cuse. Hopefully the boys can carry this momentum into OT...
  • Hoyas lead 89-88. This is some shit going down right here. Hold it down, Boys! Good to see Texas leads Colorado 4-2. Thanks, ESPN!
  • Killer 3 from Devendork. Killer.
  • Wright fouls out in the best game he has ever played as a Hoya. 25pts, 5rebs, 6 assists.
  • Teams that don't make free throws down the stretch do not win games. Freeman is on our team.
  • No comment on that defensive lapse on the inbounding play to Devendork. Hoyas have gotten killed on that crap all year.
  • I don't like seeing Freeman yuck it up with Flynn when Flynn was at the line with 5 secs left, either.
  • Good comeback, but bottom line is this: 13-10 (4-8).