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Season on the Brink: Tampa

The Hoyas face South Florida in Tampa tonight, the 1st of 3 'must-wins' (the others are at St. John's and v. DePaul) that will determine where they will be come March. The reality is that while Hoyas fans still pine for a berth in the Dance, a loss to USF tonight will drop them to 13-11, and with upcoming games against the ranked Marquette, Louisville, and Villanova, the Hoyas will be dangling dangerously close to the precipice of a sub .500 season that will leave them outside of the postseason completely.

Tonight is the time to regroup, play Hoya basketball, and get out of Florida with a win. Whether JT3 starts Nikita again is anyone's guess, but frankly in this game it shouldn't matter.

The next 6 days will determine the fate of this squad.

It all begins tonight.