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Usually I'd be locked into the UConn-Marquette battle during Judgment Week, but, in spite of the fact that my television has 46" of HD power, I can't bring myself to even turn the channel to ESPN.

Because of the way the Hoyas have played since Obama took the oath, it's just not that fun following college hoops right now as what normally would be the best time of the year draws near. It's even hard to walk out of my apartment building these days and face my friends, most of whom I've been bragging to since I had the pleasure of being a freshman when Allen Iverson was wearing the blue and gray, and especially of late during our meteoric rise to as a nationally ranked powerhouse.

But now Georgetown is the object of national embarrassment, the one team who will have been ranked in the top ten as late as January and not even be in a discussion as a potential bubble team. But what makes it so much worse is the effort that the players show out there, and...ugh.

I'm sorry, but I need just one more night to stew before I tackle the keys to the Villanova game. Please forgive me.

Thank God for Tiger Woods.