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Hoyas on the Fast Break

I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick of watching the Hoyas fail horribly on the fast break chances they are getting.

The player bringing the ball upcourt (I can't single out an individual since images of every starter blowing these chances are running through my mind) is consistently making the wrong decision, whether it be taking the ball to the hoop for a difficult miss, passing the ball to a player not in position for an easy layup, throwing the ball out of bounds, or committing a charge against the lone player back on defense. I'm not sure what the reason for the Hoyas futility is, but it must be that fastbreaks aren't worked on much in practice since our defense emphasizes contesting shots rather than overplaying passing lanes that usually result in such fastbreak opportunities.

CasualHoya is working with HoyaProspectus to determine statistically just how bad we are on breaks. Feel free to submit any ideas/comments for upcoming statistical analysis you would like to see.

By the way, this was Ewing Jr. and Wright showing how it's done in the BET last year: