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Hits at the Half

Ok, not that bad. Nova is playing horribly, and we could be up 15, but I'll take anything with this squad. Up 5 is fine.

- Still don't know why Nikita is starting, but playing well and co-leading scorer with Monroe at the half.
- Monroe hasn't looked this good since the UConn game. Now that the offense is working through him, good things are happening. If the shooters (Come on, Freeman) would show up, this could be a long day for Nova. Hoyas are 1-10 in the 1st half from 3.
- Summers started his afternoon with an appropriate airball and continues to chuck jumpers instead of driving to the hoop. He also has made numerous sloppy passes to the interior, but that's a teamwide issue thus far.
- 12 turnovers at the half for a team that averages 14 per game is a bad sign, but Nova has been unable to take advantage of our sloppy play, and is shooting 29% from the floor.
- The play to end the half was the best play of the season. Wright's doing some nice things.

20 mins to go. Keep it up.