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Hits at the Half

- 34-17 Good Guys at the half
- Nikita started in place of Sapp again, but again has added nothing
offensively. I can't imagine this experiment will last much longer,
especially given Sapp's strong 1st half. Perhaps Jessie is finally
getting the message.
- Hoyas a bit tight at the outset, but settled into a groove with the
help of a stifling defense/south florida ineptitude.
- Rebounding much better. Hoyas are swarming the glass after every
missed shot and diving after loose balls.
- I don't like to see such a reliance on the 3, but the Hoyas have
been particularly effective when Wright/Sapp/Clark drive and find the
open man behind the arc.
- Only sour notes come from the play inside, as Monroe seems out of
sync and I have no idea why Julian Vaughn continues to get minutes
over Sims.

2nd half awaits.