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Happy "Manley Fieldhouse Is Officially Closed" Day!

It is the 29th year anniversary of the great day on which Manley Fieldhouse was officially closed! Tomorrow, Georgetown will play its 81st game against Syracuse, below is an overview of the series:

- Syracuse leads the series 43-37.
- Since the inception of the Big East, Syracuse leads the series 32-31.
- Georgetown is 7-18 at the Carrier Dome.
- Georgetown has won twice at Syracuse in the past 15 years.

I recently reached out to a bunch of Syracuse players to ask how they prepare for facing their biggest rival. Below is a summary of the best responses:

- Eric Devendorf said he releases built up energy by punching girls.
- Devendorf followed up to say that before his new found interest in beating females, he used to hang out with his friends from 8 Mile before big games.
- Andy Rautins said he experiments with new metro-sexual hairstyles to ease the tension.
- Johnny Flynn walks on his tippy toes to see what it feels like to not be a midget.
- Arinze Onuaku closes his eyes and pretends that a 33% free throw percentage isn't embarrassing.
- Paul Harris likes to rap 50 Cent to himself in the mirror and sent the below video:

Stay classy Cuse.

Good talk.