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Game 23 - Syracuse

That game was for anyone who doesn't think that Georgetown/Syracuse is and will always be the biggest rivalry in the Big East.

Long weekend so it will take me a long time to get over this one. Here are some quick thoughts. Will come back later with numbers, trends and pictures of the trolls on the Cuse sideline to whom they give pom-poms.

- We put on some Old Spice after the last TV timeout in the second half and got our swagger back
- Free throw shooting lost us the game. At the end of regulation and in overtime. Again.
- GREG MONROE IS SOFT. There is no reason why Onuaku should have had such a big second half in the paint.
- Bold move starting Nikita, too bad he sucked.
- I don't know why we played zone for 2 minutes in the second half and then went away from it, it was the only way we stopped them from scoring.
- Len Elmore is a horrible announcer.
- Turnovers kept this game close in the first half.
- Boeheim being an idiot sent this game to overtime.
- Thank you Chris Wright for making me believe again, too bad I will have to wait until next year to use the re-discovered faith.
- JT3 still hasn't won at the Dome, although two of the four losses went to overtime.

Good talk.