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Game 22 - Cincinnati: Part Deux

I am purposely beating a dead horse here since that is probably the only thing the Hoyas can beat now a days. I took a short hiatus to regroup and focus my attention on why Georgetown sucks. And I have come up with the resolution. If Iverson was The Answer then I now present to you The Solution:

OMG JK LIKE WHOA OMG! He can't play for Georgetown. We are stuck with the current roster full of talented yet woefully pathetic players until next year. Here are my random thoughts on the game, not many because it hurts me to write:

- First time ever JT3 has done a complete line change, substituting all five starting players for five reserves.
- Jesse Sapp was benched for most of the game despite finding his shooting rhythm before the Rutgers game. Something is going on behind the scenes there.
- Georgetown was 0-8 from the field in overtime.
- Georgetown had one field goal in the final 12 minutes of the game, including overtime.
- In the final 7 minutes of regulation, Georgetown had one field goal, 4 free throw and 4 turnovers
- Georgetown starters shot 31% from the field. Georgetown reserves shot 69%.
- Greg Monroe was 1-4 from free throw line in overtime. That alone lost us the game.
- After a four day rest, we looked tired and sluggish in the second half, again.
- This season is a disaster and a lost cause.

Good talk.