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Check out this preseason interview of Dajuan Summers for The Hoya:

A few things are interesting to note:
- he feels like he learned a lot from the Davidson game.
- he claims that the Hoyas 'improved a lot as a team' in the offseason and appears to suggest a reason why as the departure of the seniors. when he tries to come up with names for the players that the team lost last year, he either can't seem to come up with them or simply refuses to name them. it's kind of odd.
- in the final question he claims the team has jelled better than any other team he has been a part of at georgetown, but then goes on to suggest the reason is because they go out together at night, and mentions that this didn't occur the prior couple of seasons.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but we never had a chance heading into battle with this guy.