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West Virginia Preview and Other Crap

We need to win this game. West Virginia is right about where people expected them to be. Picked to finish off the top half of the Big East by the conference coaches in October, the Mountaineers are 13-4 with an impressive thrashing of Ohio State and win over Cleveland State (something Cuse couldn't do). They are 2-2 in the conference, winning the games they should (Seton Hall and South Florida) and losing the games against ranked opponents (UConn and Marquette).

Their offense revolves around senior guard Alex Ruoff and junior forward Da'Sean Butler. They suck at shooting threes, shoot 65% from the free throw line but don't turn the ball over too much. And they are without guard Joe Mazzulla, one of the heroes from last season's upset of Duke in the NCAA Tournament.

Last time they played Georgetown they were handily defeated in the semifinals of the Big East Tournament. That game was particularly memorable because the Hoyas went 1-7 from the FT line. Last time the two teams squared off in the regular season Georgetown won in the final seconds on a Patrick Ewing Jr. block. Whether it was a block or a goaltend is up to the viewer (video below) but the West Virginia fans, fairy new to the internet, showed their displeasure with the no-call by changing the Wikipedia definition of Goaltending. Wow, they really showed us. Not Wikipedia!

In other news, this is highly disturbing. When I was in 7th grade, I was trying to decide whether wearing sweatpants to school was still acceptable, not where I wanted to play college basketball.

Good talk.