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Schadenfreude and Providence Preview

Tough week for Hoya fans but perhaps we can all rejoice in the following score out of College Park:

Morgan State 66, Maryland 65

or perhaps the following score out of Chestnut Hill:

Harvard 82, Boston College 70

Nothing else to say other than:

There goes Gary's chance of breaking the Top 25 this season, time to take away the 1 vote they got in the Coaches' Poll.

Over / Under on days left for Gary at UMCP: 100
Right around the time they fail to make the NCAA Tournament for the 4th time in 5 years.

And as for BenedictArnold College, you should have never left the Big East, but we're a lot better off because of it. So thank you.

Be weary of Providence on Saturday, they are a very good and experienced team. Four senior starters and one junior. And last night against Cincy their guards finally broke out of their season-long 3pt shooting slump. Must win for Hoyas, we've never started Big East season 1-3 under JT3. Game is won or loss depending on whether our guards decide to show up.

Good talk.