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Game 18 - Seton Hall

I haven't felt this dejected since January 29, 2003. That was the last time I realized that I had completely overestimated the drive, discipline and talent of a Georgetown team. It was then that I realized that I had hung my hopes on a team that didn't exhibit the same passion to win as I thought they had. And it was then that I realized that the losses weren't random stretches of misfortune and it was actually that the wins were random stretches of luck. Coincidentally, that moment occurred right after another embarrassing loss to Seton Hall. On that night, the Pirates sent the game into overtime with an alley-opp dunk over a emotionless Georgetown team. Funny thing was that Seton Hall had six men on the court for that final play, and no one caught it. Seton Hall ended up winning the game in overtime, outscoring the Hoyas 19-8 in the five minute extra period. Craig Esherick had this to say after that game:
"We've got to figure out who we have on our team that wants to win. Those people that want to win, and work to win, are going to play. Those who want to make excuses and don't want to win are not going to play."
Pretty sure JT3 can quote the above statement verbatim to his team after their embarrassing loss to Seton Hall today. Don't blame it on bad luck. Don't blame it on stiff rims. Don't blame it on off days. Every single player, coach and manager on this team needs to look themselves in the mirror realize the person starring back is at fault for the horrific display of basketball. Only then will things change.

Not much to say because it is all pretty obvious but here goes:
- We shot 3-22 from beyond the arc. We are now 5-38 in the last two games.
- I said it last time and I'll say it again. We are, or were, a good shooting team because we took good shots, not because we have good shooters.
- We attempted 15 layups, 15 two-point jump shots and 22 three pointers. Something seems off there.
- Excluding Greg Monroe, Georgetown was 3-9 on layups, and 0-4 on layups in the second half.
- 17 turnovers against a terrible Seton Hall team. DaJuan had six himself.
- Can't blame this on being a young team, returning starters were 5 of 25 from the field and 3 of 14 from beyond the arc.
- We air-balled a three pointer twice in the final minutes of the game.
- The announcer kept calling him Omar Wu-Todd. I liked it. And then I hated it. And then I threw something at my TV.
- No Henry Sims, not that he would have added much.
- First time I have ever seen JT3 call a timeout and the team actually look worse afterward. A turnover after he stopped a fast break on a timeout and then a three pointer off the side of the backboard after a Seton Hall timeout. That worries me.
- Supposed to be our easy stretch before a brutal Marquette-Louisville-Villanova stretch to end February. Because of the last two losses this team could be under .500 in Big East play, and miss the NCAA Tournament. That saddens me.
- Don't expect to be ranked come Monday.

Good talk.