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Game 14 - Providence

That game had season-breaker written all over it. Also had Esherick written all over it. Some in the stands started to pack up their belongings and plan post-game festivities when we were up by 14 with a little over five minutes left. But those that have experienced St. Johns and UCLA in 2003 knew all too well what could happen. And it almost did. Providence surmounted an incredible comeback and was down three with possession with one minute left. Some will give credit to Georgetown for hanging on to a tough game in crunch time, but that recognition is very undeserved. Georgetown tried its best to lose this game by missing half of its free throws in the final minute and giving the Friars open looks at shots. But luckily for the Hoyas, the law of averages was on their side. Providence was shooting an incredible 50% from beyond the arc for most of the game, well above their season average of 31%. They ended the game missing their last three three-point attempts, and any chance of an upset road victory.

Some more thoughts:
- Turnovers were a huge problem. The 18 mistakes led to 23 Providence points.
- Represents the most turnovers by G'town since the loss to Tennessee in November
- Most turnovers against a Big East team since the overtime victory against Marquette last season
- Most turnovers at home since Seton Hall game last season
- And most turnovers against an unranked opponent since Seton Hall last season
- But wait, there's more! The 17 turnovers by the Hoya starters are the most turnovers by a Georgetown starting five since January 5, 2006 which was a Big East home game, against the unranked...wait for it... Providence Friars. Was also the last time we played Providence at home.
- So we have gone three years, 106 games, back-to-back Big East regular season titles, two Big East Championship games, three NCAA Tournament appearances, one Sweet Sixteen and one Final Four since the last time a group of five Georgetown starters committed as many turnovers as they did yesterday.
- And hit our free throws, kinda. 69% from the charity line is still pretty awful and needs to be addressed
- Another great game off the bench. Jason Clark and Henry Sims are finally showing a good understanding of the offense
- Jason Clark's go-go-gadget arms are the only reason we won this game. He saved as least four turnovers by rescuing poor passes
- Clark had almost as many minutes as Sapp, and more points
- Before Clark's 1-2 yesterday, he was shooting 92% from the stripe.
- We had major problems inbounding the ball, very alarming
- Both Monroe and Summers have gotten into foul trouble early the last couple of games
- Monroe was 2 assists away from a triple-double. He should start making his way from Big East Rookie of the Week to Player of the Week soon.
- Welcome back Chris Wright and Austin Freeman. The two combined for 14-21 shooting
- Jesse Sapp is awful. He went 1-9 from beyond the arc in the second half WARMUPS! (Yes, I was counting but that's besides the point).
- JT3 referred to Monroe as Gregory in the press game conference, thereby taking away any street cred young Greg has built up over the past few months.

Cuse on Wednesday. Get excited.

Good talk.