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Cincinnati Preview

Hope everyone has recovered from Sunday's catastrophe. Don't want to talk much about tomorrow's game because thinking about Georgetown basketball makes me sad. And when I'm sad, I cry. And when I cry, I get made fun of at work. And when I get made fun of at work, I cry more. It is a vicious cycle.

Why does this game matter?
- We are currently tied for 9th place with the Bearcats
- We play them again in ten days
- We are a woeful 1-3 on the road
- Another loss would put us at 3-5 in conference play, with five games left against ranked opponents, three of them on the road
- Chances of finishing in top four of Big East and getting a double bye in the Big East Tournament are next to nothing
- We need to finish between # 5-8 in the conference in order to qualify for a first round bye
- Lunardi somehow has us at a #5-seed out West, he obviously hasn't been watching this team play

What to expect?
- Cincinnati is a young but deep team
- Eight players average over 15 minutes a game, compared to six on Georgetown
- Those eight consist of two juniors, three sophomores and three freshman
- Georgetown is 4-0 against common opponents so far, while Cincinnati is 0-4
- They rebound fairly well despite not having a height advantage over opponents
- They are not good from the free throw line, with four of their eight players shooting 60% or lower
- Deonta Vaughn, their leading scorer, accounts for one-third of Cincinnatti's three point attempts
- Sapp needs to shut down Vaughn and Monroe needs to stop fellow freshman Yancy Gates from getting easy putbacks

First time since '06-'07 season that one of our Big East games is not broadcast on TV. That game was also at Cincinnati. If we don't win tomorrow, chalk this season up as a waste and pray for no transfers. Time to blame the red puffy eyes on my allergies to snow.

Good talk.