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Game 9 - Mount St. Marys

Note: Like Georgetown's performance on Saturday, this shall be a very uninspired post.

Statistically, nothing good about the game. Couldn't hit a shot, couldn't hit a three, couldn't hit a free throw, couldn't rebound and couldn't care less. It was just a lazy effort by the team and JT3 was well aware of it:

"Yes, we're in exams, we've gone through two weeks of exams and all of these guys are fatigued. Exam period is rough, you're staying up late studying and everyone forgets about it but that is a dynamic that's real, its tangible. I believe that this group no matter what is going on is tougher than that, is stronger than that. When we walk onto the court in practice at McDonough or in games here for that two or three hours whatever time it is, we can block that out." - JT3 after the game

Chris Wright was the only person to show up to play. Some random thoughts:

- Greg Monroe looked like he lacked motivation, something critics knocked him for at the end of his senior year in high school
- DaJuan Summers had a Bowman-esque game
- Surprise surprise, we were outrebounded on both ends of the floor
- Mount St. Mary's had a 5'8'' starting point guard
- He had seven rebounds
- Georgetown had a 6'11' starting center and 6'8'' starting forward
- They had four rebounds a piece
- The Georgetown guards had three times as many rebounds as the big men
- Getting bored with writing about rebounds

Other stuff:
-Louisville has had zero games against ranked opponents this year, yet has two losses.
- Cuse beat Memphis, makes our win a lot less impressive
- KenPom thinks we are good

Another boring game Tuesday night.

Good talk.