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Game 7 - Savannah State

Similar to American, this game sucked. So in my boredom, I developed a new game that I will try to institute into every post: Six Degrees of We Beat Duke. Last time it was Georgetown beat Maryland who beat Michigan who beat Duke. This time it is Georgetown crushed Savannah State who lost by two in overtime at Michigan so it is as good as a win who beat Duke. That's all I have to say about that (name that movie).

I got my first acknowledgment of existence by an opposing coach this season, count it. I mentioned it in the season preview but Georgetown basketball alum Horace Broadnax is the current coach of Savannah State. And don't let the 100-38 score fool you, Horace is doing a great job with this program. The team went a 0-28 in '04-'05 and since then the Tigers have steadily improved under Broadnax, winning two games the next year over ten games in each of their last two seasons. Always nice to see a Georgetown alum on the sidelines, despite the fact he was not sporting his 1984 championship ring.

So let's talk about the game:

One wonders why this game was not played in McDonough. It would have been perfect, weekday game, classes have ended, weak opponent. Some hypothesized that there is a minimum amount of home games we are contractually required to play in Verizon. Would make sense considering we already have had three games on a neutral floor this season, courtesy of the Old Spice Classic. But last year we played fifteen games at Verizon and one in McDonough, this year we are playing sixteen at Verizon, despite the Old Spice interference. McDonough only holds 2,500 and this game's attendance was over 8,000, so I guess the economics worked in our favor. Regardless, first season since JT3 became head coach that we haven't played a game in McDonough.

- Every player on the team scored a point, first time that has happened under JT3 (also a by product of us having a thin bench)
- Largest margin of victory since 1989, which was against a Division II team (UDC)
- Largest margin of victory against a Division I opponent
- First time scored over 100 points since Radford game last year
- We made 37-53 field goals, and 7-15 three pointers, which implies we made 30 two-point attempts and missed 8
- Savannah State made 13-57 field goals, and 5-16 three pointers, which implies they made 8 two-point attempts and missed 33
- So... Savannah State made as many two pointers as we missed
- We shot 69.8 percent, highest under JT3
- Remarkably, nearly two-thirds of Savannah State's rebounds came on the offensive glass. While I would normally gripe about this , it is caused by the amount of playing time our reserves received
- There was a scuffle at midcourt which resulted in the first technical foul of the season for Georgetown
- The last time Georgetown scored 100 points there was a fight as well, which resulted in two technical fouls on the Hoyas. Coincidence? I think not.
- Henry Sims hit his first three!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all knew we were going to win this game. So what occurred in this game that will prepare us for Saturday against Memphis?

- Played 2-3 zone in second half
- Worked on a new press break
- Played a "big" lineup with Sims and Monroe on the court at the same time
- Rested starting lineup, should have plenty of legs under them for a 40 minute sprint

I think we come to play against Memphis. Our success will depend on our ability to hit the three and slow down the tempo of the game. We are going to get crushed on the boards so we need to make them take bad first shots. This game will be won or lost on the free throw line, so we need to stay out of foul trouble and hit the freebies they give us.

Side note: First time I can remember that we played back-to-back games against teams with the same mascot. Savannah State Tigers and then Memphis Tigers. Closest I can think of is '06-'07 when we played Duke Blue Pansies followed by the James Madison Dukes.

Good talk.