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Game 6 - American

What a game. Hitting 13 out of 14 free throws in the final three minutes to cement a win against a top five opponent. And it was on our home court, in front of a sell-out crowd, on national television and versus one of the most annoying teams in the country. Doesn't get much better than that!

That is what I would be saying if I was a fan of the Michigan Wolverines. Unfortunately, I am not, and instead, watched one of the most boring and one sided games in recent memory. The funny thing is that I have a terrible memory and this game was actually more competitive than the one that occurred six days ago, against the University of Maryland (College Park) Twerps. Make sure you don't confuse Maryland - College Park with Maryland - Baltimore County. The latter made the NCAA Tournament last year, something the former hasn't done in two years.

What does all of this have to do with the game against the American Eagles? Absolutely nothing. Except: Georgetown 75 - Maryland 48; Georgetown 73 - American 49. Therefore, Georgetown > American > Maryland. Taking that a bit further. Georgetown > Maryland > Michigan > Duke. In conclusion, there is no need to play the game on January 17th.

Side note: I challenge you to find me another professional or collegiate team where the full name of the team is a sub-specimen of the mascot. Example, the mascot of American is the Eagle. The full name of the team is the American Eagles. The American Eagle is a type of Eagle. Talk amongst yourselves.

By now you are probably wondering why I am stalling so much. Well the reason is because there is nothing to really say about this game. We played awesome in the first half, and terrible in the second half. Here are my thoughts:

- Chris Wright looked great, although ended the game with no assists
- Greg Monroe was pretty careless with the ball and showed his biggest flaw - lack of outside shooting ability
- Shot 50% from 3pt land
- Summers is getting more confident
- We were out-rebounded on the offensive glass, again. I've talked about it enough and am disappointed nothing is changing with this
- Henry Sims had his best game to date
- Henry Sims did not attempt a shot
- JT3 was not happy with the way we played:
Overall, we did not play well. It's about us, its not about the opponent, it is not about the score, it's us trying to prepare, us trying to get better, us trying to improve. Regardless what the numbers are relative to what the score is, I'm a little disappointed how we played today. Now we have to keep moving forward, and we have to learn and grow but that wasn't one of our better games
We are not prepared to play Memphis, at least not after the performance against American. Let's see which team shows up against Savannah State on Monday night.

Good talk.