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Game 10 - Florida International

In honor of the holiday season, I shall award presents to those people/occurrences which I deem noteworthy, and lumps of coal to things that are not. But since I think that idea is lame, I am changing it to super sweet lax high fives for positive things and kicks in the crotch for the negatives. Let's begin.

Kick in the crotch to JT3 for not wearing a suit. Mismatched coat and slacks is just the beginning, it is a starter-drug if you will. Soon he will be sporting the no tie look, wearing polo shirts and some ugly school-colored blazer. And then he will drop out of school, run away from home and be seen sporadically sporting collar-less shirts. Don't believe me? Guess you never saw the after-school special on Mike Brey.

Super sweet lax high five to the Georgetown offense. Second time ever under JT3 that every player on the team scored at least a point. 19 field goals on 16 assists is mighty impressive. Four players in double figures. Shot over 46% from 3-pt land, which will be our only tool for competing against UConn come Monday.

Kick in the crotch to Greg Monroe. You looked lost for the second game in a row. Showed no heart, passion or interest in the game. Coincidentally, this lack of aggression comes just as Greg started receiving attention as a potential lottery pick next year. So maybe it's not a bad thing? Well if this is not actually a coincidence and it is some secret plan to make the scouts think Greg should stay in school an extra year or two, then I guess I can give it a super sweet lax high five. But I'd rather just kick you in the crotch.

Super sweet lax high five to the G'town big men, you actually rebounded, with Henry Sims leading the bunch!

Kick in the crotch to JT3, again. You ain't telling the truth about why Wattad started over Sapp.
We put Omar in charge of the second team and everyday, particularly this week the huge disparity that had been there is getting smaller, which is better. He has managed that team, so it was more about Omar than it was Jessie. Jessie knows what to do more than anybody, he knows what his coach wants more than anyone, so he knows what we want to do. - JT3
That just broke a 79 game starting streak for Jesse Sapp. You never did anything of the sort in previous years, bench Wallace or Hibbert to give Wright, Rivers or Macklin a chance to start. Something else is going on and you ain't being forthcoming about it so I will give you another kick in the crotch whilst you wither in pain on the ground from the first one.

Bracketology Watch: 2-seed in West in the easiest bracket implying we are the 5th best team. Nine Big East teams. Cuse as a 2-seed as well? Well that about takes away all credibility from this prediction.

Six Degrees of We Beat Duke for this game: Georgetown beat Florida International who beat Toledo who beat UMass who beat Kansas who beat New Mexico State who beat University of Texas-El Paso who beat St. Mary's who beat Providence who beat Rhode Island who lost by three at Cameron so it is as good as beating Duke.

UConn preview to follow sometime before Monday, but I don't guarantee it. Random, but great read on local recruiting. This is the reason for Georgetown's resurgence the last few years, and Maryland - College Park's fall from grace.

Good talk.