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Cheddar Bob is Next OJ

Kudos to Syracuse Holding Cell/University for dishing out some much needed corporal punishment. I thought they would let their star player off scot-free after punching a female student in the face. But no, those mean Orange disciplinaries inflicted a much worse punishment. 40 whole hours of community service and missing three and a half weeks of the season! Good Golly Miss Molly! He will miss the four most crucial Big East games for Cuse, against Seton Hall, South Florida, Depaul and Rutgers, the creme de la creme of the conference. Hammurabi is smiling in his grave knowing that eye for an eye is still the prevalent format of punishment up in Syracuse, Canada.

I guess we will have to wait until Cheddar Bob tries to steal sports memorabilia from a Vegas hotel room to truly see justice.

Good talk.