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Why You Should Be Very Excited for Tomorrow

Never thought I would live to see it in the regular season. Well that is actually a drastic overstatement. Would have probably happened right after Sweaty Williams gets fired and Maryland realizes that it is in their best interest to play the best local team since the ACC is full of bums. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts but for those who do not know the history, below is a completely biased and unfair account.

The last time Georgetown played Maryland was in Sweet Sixteen of the 2001 NCAA Tournament. Georgetown was a 10 seed that barely squeaked into the tournament. They faced off against 7-seeded Arkansas and pulled out a two point victory. They then faced Hampton in the round of 32. Yes Hampton. Georgetown was the biggest benefactor of the improbable 15-seeded Hampton victory over the 2 seed, Iowa State. They crushed the Pirates and were set to face off against the 3-seeded Twerps. And Maryland won. And that’s all I have to say about that.

But that was not a planned game and Maryland was obviously the better team and program at the time. They eventually moved on to the Final Four that year, losing to the eventual national champions, Duke. By the way, anytime Duke plays Maryland, it is your civic, moral, fiscal and paternal duty (let me know if I am missing any other types of duties) to cheer for a blackout so the game gets canceled and neither team gets to be labeled a winner. And for Georgetown, that was the last NCAA appearance for the program until JT3 took over the helms and led them back to the Sweet Sixteen in 2006.

The last time Georgetown played Maryland in a scheduled game was in 1993 when they lost in overtime to the Joe Smith led Twerps. The game was played at the USAir Arena (Capital Centre) in front of a split crowd. The game was a neutral game since tickets and revenues were evenly split between the Hoyas and Twerps. So when it came time for the rematch, Sweaty Williams demanded Georgetown come to Maryland to play, as a home game for the Twerps. Maryland would have the home crowd and keep the admissions revenue. Big John refused and the teams have not played since, despite local demand for the game.

What makes the bitterness even stronger is smugness of Sweaty Williams in regards to playing Georgetown. When asked in 2004 about playing more local teams (mainly Georgetown) he responded by saying that he would love to help out neighboring programs but he cannot let his strength of schedule suffer as a result, implying Georgetown was not worthy of Maryland’s presence on the court (I have tried finding the article but cannot, so you can take my word for it or just assume I am making it up).

Maryland is especially bitter since the resurgence of the Georgetown program has led to them losing out on local recruiting targets (Austin Freeman, Henry Simms, Jason Clark and Jeff Green to name a few). Twerp fans blame the losses of recruits on the easy admission standards of Georgetown, which makes sense if you lack intelligence. Maryland puts so much effort into making sure their players are in good academic standing when they enter the program that they have none left to spend on making sure players graduate. But it’s ok Sweaty, since three or four of them made it to the NBA it justifies the other thirty that left your program without a college degree. At least Lonnie Baxter is comfortable in his quiet dwelling.

Good talk.