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Game 5 - Maryland!

"It's tough playing local teams when you're supposed to be the best team, to be honest with you." - Gary Sweaty Williams (2004)

Georgetown 75 - Maryland 48 (2008)

I am so dumbfounded by the remarkable, incredible and righteous (yes, I just went there) outcome of this game that I cannot even write coherently about it. So instead I will list a bunch of things.

Thoughts on the Game
- 14 assists on 26 field goals
- Finally won a game on the boards
- Georgetown was up 73-38 with 7 minutes left. They only scored two more points afterwards. The outcome could have been a lot worse.
- Great team effort with even scoring all around
- Austin Freeman is deceptively quick
- Jason Clark got 25 minutes and only turned the ball over twice
- And of course, Henry Sims attempted and subsquently missed another three pointer. He is now 0-7 on the season.

Implications of the Game
- Worst loss for Maryland since 2005
- Worst OOC loss for Maryland since 2000
- Fewest points scored by Maryland since 1995 (which was a 50-47 loss to UMass, not a 75-48 massacre to a local team)
- Fewest points scored in a college game by Greivis Vasquez

Random Recruiting Information
- 6 players on Georgetown roster that were also recruited by Maryland
- 53 points scored by these 6 players
- 5 players on Georgetown roster that were given offers by Maryland
- 39 combined points scored by these 5 players

- 3 players on Maryland roster that were also recruited by Georgetown
- 13 points scored by these 3 players
- 1 player on Maryland roster that was given an offer by Georgetown
- 3 points scored by this player

What does this mean? (1) Georgetown gets the top tier of local recruits. (2) Maryland unsuccessfully attempts to crack Georgetown's hold of the top recruiting school in the area. (3) Georgetown passes on Maryland's local recruits (i.e. does not extend offers) . (4) Georgetown is a better evaluator of talent. (5) Gary Williams got blindsided by JT3's arrival.

Random Observations
- Fran Fraschilla is an idiot. He tried to argue last night that players have a hard time shooting free throws on technical fouls because they do not practice free throws when the lanes are empty. I am sure every coach puts six idle people in the box during practice so one player can practice free throws. I guess that is why I sucked at basketball, I should have asked my family and friends (if I had any) to line up in the lane when I shot free throws in my driveway. If only I had known Fran's advice growing up, I coulda been a contender.
- Hubert Davis thinks Georgetown can not only win the Big East, but also the NCAA Tournament. I guess he needed to say something controversial since Bobby Knight kicked him off of the prime time squad of analysts.
- Gary Williams needs to wear an undershirt. It was either really cold in Orlando or he was icing his nips during timeouts. There is another possibility that will require me to use the words "aroused" and "stimulate" but I will leave it at that.

Good talk.