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WSJ Wants Georgetown in the NIT

With the newspaper industry in a death spiral and the recent announcement of Journal Register seeking Chapter 11 protection fresh in media moguls' minds, the Wall Street Journal has decided to make...

Hip Hip Hooray!

The normally reliable and accurate NBADraft.net has taken Greg Monroe and DaJuan Summers off their list of prospects for the 2009 draft. Both had been lottery picks for most of the year and if they...


Cause I'm laughing too hard. Is this the next logical step for my songs?Special shout-out to follower Sweet 16 for passing along this gem.Good talk.

Calhoun Follow-Up

Well I might not agree with the name of his site (I did at the end of January and for most of February and all of 2002-2004), but I certainly agree with the results of his investigative reporting.H...

The Sky is Falling - Part Three: Expectations

This season sucked. The way the players wore out at the end. The way the fans gave up on the team. The way the students stopped showing up to home games. The way the message boards are plastered...

The Sky is Falling - Part Two: Consistency

So we are young. If you look at the current top eight teams in the Big East, seven of them also rank as the most experienced in the league. The only young team included in top half of the standings...

The Sky is Falling - Part One: Youth

I think this is the perfect opportunity to mention to those new to the website or that have not already figured it out, that my blogging name is a joke. A very bad joke since the Georgetown season...

Calhoun = Dirtbag = Funny

Not much to be happy about this weekend but the following video is awesome. A freelance reporter questioned Jim Calhoun's salary after their win over South Florida and Calhoun goes off on him. ...

Truth in Advertising

While perusing the Internet this afternoon, in search of news on the legendary Kelly Clarkson and her not yet announced new tour, I came across an advertisement informing me of the aforementioned...

The Weather is Nice Today

The last four games I have previewed we have lost. So because I am superstitious I am just going to put the below quote from JT3 after the USF win and say no more. Additionally, the last time I...

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