More than a Game

"Separate But Equal" was the law of the land at the turn of the twentieth century, when basketball was first introduced to D.C. Physical educator Edwin B. Henderson introduced the game to city youth at the same time another reformer Julius Rosenwald was helping to build a Y in DC. These were the predecessors to Jabbo Kenner who helped out a very young John Thompson, Jr. This program is on February 20 at 6 p.m. at the Historical Society of Washington. It will be over before the beginning of the Seton Hall game and near a game watch.

Interview with Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman on

New Big East Commissioner, Val Ackerman was interviewed by this week. The interview was held in Riggs Library and it's pretty good insight into the conference.

Curtis Malone, DC Assault Coach, arrested on major drug charges

Malone is huge in the recruiting world and coached Jeff, Chris, Austin, and Julian among a bunch of other local guys like Nolan Smith and Quinn Cook. Sure to be some DC recruiting shockwaves in the fallout from this.

Save Jack


Stand up for Jack!

Verbal Commits

I'm not sure if you all have seen this, or if the site has already been discussed, but I thought you all might want to check out Verbal Commits

Roy's postgame interview after Game 4 was epic

I can't even talk about how happy this video makes me. Roy's passion, his "Go Hoyas", JTIII's jacket. It's all perfect.

Rivalry talk (again)

Getting to play Georgetown might be easier, but certainly not easy. Since the flap between the two schools caused Anderson to announce that he was not going to let the Terps play the Hoyas in any sports if they couldn’t play against each other in basketball, there’s been some thawing in the relationship. Anderson mentioned Thursday night that the Hoyas’ field hockey team will be practicing and playing at Maryland this season while Georgetown’s field is being refurbished. But he also admitted that there is one rather large obstacle – alluding to the size of former men’s coach John Thompson – in the discussions about basketball going any further.

Listen to a bunch of rappers reference Alonzo

Roundup by Vancouver-based Young Braised of many different rappers referencing former NBA star Alonzo Mourning in songs ranging from 1993-2012.

Breakdown of Roy Hibbert's brilliance as a defender

Mike Prada broke down why the Pacers were so successful defensively against the Knicks in Game 1. Hint: it had a lot to do with Big Roy.

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