Chris Wright, Hollis Thompson and Henry Sims Impress in NBA Summer League

Mitchell Layton

It will be a long road for any of them to make an NBA roster, but former Hoyas Chris Wright, Hollis Thompson, and Henry Sims have impressed observers in the NBA Summer League.

Wright, who played in the NBA for the Dallas Mavericks last season, had a solid showing for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA Summer League in Orlando and is now playing in Las Vegas for the San Antonio Spurs. From Nets 101:

The other player that was impressive throughout the week was point guard Chris Wright out of Georgetown. Wright is battling multiple sclerosis but is not letting it stop him from accomplishing his goal of making an NBA roster. He played extremely well this week, showing some range from deep and running the offense smoothly when the ball was in his hand. Although there will not be space for Wright in Brooklyn this season, he will have another chance to make an NBA roster in Las Vegas when he plays with the San Antonio Spurs.

Thompson, who signed a 2-year deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder before last season but was never able to crack the NBA roster, is playing alongside Chris Wright for the San Antonio Spurs this summer. From Pounding the Rock:

My player to watch for the game, Hollis Thompson, had anther quiet game where he kept doing the right things. He kept rebounding, defending, and playing within the system all night long; and even had a big play down the stretch where he stole an inbounds pass right under the bucket and scored with an and-one to keep the game alive. Now, I don't think that Thompson has a shot to make this team. and if anyone is added to the Spurs from the summer league roster it's likely to be be DeShaun Thomas because of the Spurs forever needing more shooters. But, I still enjoy watching Thompson play. In a way, his game reminds one of cliches like "He does the little things" and "He plays the right way." It most likely won't be with the Spurs, but Thompson has a game that will help somebody somewhere in need of a role player.

Sims, who played with the Knicks in the Summer League last season and played his first NBA game with the New Orleans Hornets, is playing with the Charlotte Bobcats this summer alongside former Hoya Patrick Ewing, Jr. Though there wasn't much I could find out there on Ewing's performance, here's a nifty pic of him. From the Charlotte Observer:

I don't know whether any of the non-contract players on the Bobcats' squad will be invited to training camp, but Georgetown center Henry Sims is intriguing. He's quite a good athlete for his size. Not so much in basketball skills, but there's something to work with there.

And from Bobcats blog Rufus on Fire:

Henry Sims could work his way into the training camp roster. He has some solid talent and skill and could be a decent third guy in the frontcourt depth chart, and an inexpensive option at that. He might not make it onto the team completely, but he could do well pushing the frontcourt players.

Best of luck to all three former Hoyas as they pursue their NBA dreams.

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