Hoya Fan Fiction: Jack's Last Stand

In the last game of the Big East season, Georgetown trails Syracuse 61 – 59. Georgetown is set to inbound the ball from the sideline with 3 seconds left, when Coach Thompson calls a timeout.

Coach: Guys, we need to focus here. We just need to get one good look to tie or win this game. Now what I’m thinking is we go run a pick at…

Nate: Coach, they’re pressuring us out on the perimeter too much for that to work, how are we going to get a shot off?

Otto: He’s right, Coach. They’re playing us too tight and we don’t have time to set up our offense.

Coach Thompson takes a pensive stance, sighs and scribbles something on the white board before erasing it. All of a sudden, the team hears a bark. They turn around and see Jack the Bulldog, in his last home game, starting them down.

Jabril: Jack! How did you get over here?

Jack shakes his head, signaling that there’s no time. He grabs the marker from Coach Thompson’s hand, slobbers all over it, and begins to draw a play on the whiteboard.

Coach: But Jack, that’s way too risky, there’s only a 1 in 100 chance that would work

Jack barks twice and looks each member of the team in the eye

Markel: Jack’s right, Coach. Sometime you got to think inside the box and sometimes you have to rip the box to shreds.

DSR: But Coach, in Jack’s play, #1 is out on the court. We don’t have a #1 on the team, who’s he referring to?

Coach gets down on one knee and puts two hands on Jack’s shoulders.

Coach: Jack, for this to work, you have to tell me now, 100% honestly, is he ready for this?

Jack looks Coach Thompson in the eye and nods

Coach: Then we’ll do it

Final Countdown plays over the PA system and the crowd comes to life anticipating the final possession when…out of nowhere….Jack Jr runs out of the home locker room onto the court wearing a #1 Georgetown Jersey. HE LOOKS ADORABLE!

JJ runs over to the huddle and the rest of the team is excited. JJ’s heart is beating so fast and he’s trying to mask his nervousness. Jack can see how anxious JJ is, but doesn’t signal that he’s worried to Coach Thompson.

Otto: Let’s bring it in guys….On JJ, 1-2-3 HOYAS!

The team sets up to run the play for the inbound. JJ is matched up against Michael Carter-Williams.

Michael Carter-Williams: Oh you’re scared dog, I can see that. When they throw the ball to you, I’m going to steal it like the way I shoplift from upscale department stores.

JJ begins to pant

Michael Carter-Williams: You’re just a dog, what are you going to do? Syracuse always has been and always will be better than Georgetown

JJ falls to his stomach and is panting heavily. Coach Thompson sees this and calls another time out

* * * * *

Meanwhile, the NCAA top officials watch from a skybox

NCAA Lackey 1: WHY! They just put a dog on the floor! That’s disgraces the tradition of the student-athlete!

NCAA President Mark Emmert: No, this might not be a bad thing… we could start putting dogs on the court to appeal to a larger audience. We could say that they’re CANINE-ATHLETES and that they’re compensated for their play with a proper obedience school education!

NCAA Lackey 2: That’s brilliant, your majesty! Why, we could sell tournament coverage rights to Animal Planet…

NCAA Lackey 3: Yes! And we could market officially licensed NCAA apparel to other dogs!

Mark Emmert: And we won’t have to pay them anything while taking all the profits for ourselves!

[Evil Laugh]

[Slightly Louder Evil Laugh]

[Very Loud Evil Laugh]

* * * * * *

Coach Thompson looks at Jack Jr, asking what’s going on. Jack cuts in front of Coach Thompson and pulls JJ to a corner of the court.

Jack: JJ, what’s going on brother?

JJ: Jack…its…its too much, I’m not ready…I don’t even have a year of training!

Jack: Look kid, when I came to campus, I wasn’t ready either. I was scared out of my mind. But damn it, there were thousands of Hoya faithful who knew I that I could eat that box. And you know what?

JJ: What Jack?

Jack: I didn’t just eat that box, I destroyed it. Look at that sea of gray; you know all of those kids. You see them crossing campus every day, trying to live up to their potential while at the same time struggling with the difficulties of growing up. No matter where they came from, whether they’re fifth generation Hoyas or the first of their families to go to college, they believe in Georgetown. They believe in you.

JJ: But Jack its so much pressure? What if we don’t make it?

Jack: Kid, they’ll love you just the same no matter what you do. I’ll tell you now though, JJ isn’t going to win this game for Georgetown…

JJ: But…

Jack: But Jack the Bulldog will. Kid, it’s time we get rid of the Jr part. From the moment you came to campus, I already knew the type of dog you would be. A talented dog who played with his heart, but also would do his best to make his mark on the world when one day he would have to pass on the title.

You are Hoya Saxa. You are Jack the Bulldog.

And being Jack the Bulldog is as much as helping these fans who love you as it is about eating that box.

Jack the Bulldog: But Jack…I… I don’t

Jack Emeritus: Just believe in yourself. Believe in Georgetown!

Jack the Bulldog: WE ARE….


Jack the Bulldog: JACK THE BULLDOG!

The two bulldogs embrace. Jack Emeritus looks at Coach Thompson and nods.

* * * * * *

Seeing JJ walk onto the court, Jim Boeheim storms around, grabs Brandon Triche by the jersey and pulls him out of the game. Boehiem keeps walking down his bench as each player looks at him, hoping that they will have a chance to be in on the crucial play. But Boeheim walks past all of them, until he comes to the last seat, which is filled by a bag of oranges draped in a Syracuse jersey.

Boeheim: So they want to put a mascot on the court, eh? Well, we’ll see about that!

Boeheim drags the sack of oranges on the court and positions it right in front of Jack the Bulldog.

Boeheim: Awww, what are you going to do little puppy? Scared of a little citrus?

Jack jumps forward and barks with a strong bellow at Boeheim, who trips over the sack of oranges and scoots back. Once Boeheim gets to the sideline, the referee hands the ball to Nate and blows the whistle.

Nate looks around the court, trying to get the ball to Otto but he’s covered. Nate pumps to the back court and throws the ball to Markel at center court, who catches and then lobs it to the middle of the Syracuse zone, but there’s no Hoya there….

BUT THEN…. just as the ball is ready to go into CJ Fair’s hands to seal a Syracuse win, Jack jumps over the sack of oranges, darts across the court and hits the ball, pushing it to a wide open Otto Porter who catches the ball, shoots it and…and….and…..IT’S GOOD!


The Georgetown bench runs out on the court and picks up Jack in celebration. Jack looks over to the end of the court and sees JTII, JTIII, Bill Clinton, Patrick Ewing, Jack Emeritus and the ghosts of John Carroll, Jack I and Obi-wan Kenobi who all nod their approval to Jack. Jack motions to the team to put him down and runs over to talk to Jack Emeritus.

Jack: OMG this is amazing! I can’t believe it!

Jack Emeritus: I can. You worked very hard for this moment, go enjoy it!

Jack: Come with me, enjoy this! Stay with us and help Georgetown!

Jack Emeritus: Kid, the age of the old Big East is over and as its sun sets, I must go with it. But this will mark the beginning of a new era, with new heroes and new rivals, and most importantly, it’s going to need a new mascot.

Jack: Jack, I don’t know what to say, how will I ever repay you?

Jack Emeritus: Just be there for Georgetown. And when it comes time, train your successor so the tradition lives on. HOYA!

Jack: SAXA!

Jack Emeritus: HOYA!

Jack: SAXA!

The two bulldogs embrace for the last time as 20,000 Georgetown fans are on their feet. Meanwhile, Jim Boeheim is yelling at the press for questioning his decision to put a bag of oranges out on the court for defense. But no one cares, Syracuse is off to the ACC and Georgetown is poised to lead the Big East into a new era of college basketball.

We are Hoya Saxa. We are Georgetown.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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