Peanut Gallery: Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Georgetown Hoyas

What some Hoyas are thinkin' about the Hoyas.

View from the DJ Booth - A Musical Perspective from lordnick:

I did not enjoy meeting any of you on Saturday. At least this is kind of relaxing:

View from the Student Section - A Youthful Perspective from Campus

Of all the familiar places. Hello again Cincinnati. We met on the third day of the Big East Tournament last year as well, except now WE are the ones with the double bye. That glorious win in Cincinnati last month is still not enough to get me past how pants-shittingly scary this team is. Hell, we were owning that game and they came back and tied it. The BET hasn't been a bastion of good play for us lately either. Nonetheless, this team just feels different. These guys are on a mission and they have (arguably) the best player in the country at their disposal, something that could not be said for past teams. At this time of year, it's all about who gets hot at the right time and Georgetown could make a case for being one of the hottest teams in the country right now. Wright and company scare me, but I think this team is even better than they were when they traveled to Cincinnati in February. I am incredibly pissed I won't be able to watch this game, but if my TA allows us to blast the sultry tones of Rich Chvotkin, I might feel a little better. Oh, also, from this point on, you guys get a bonus: a final score prediction. I'm not usually great at these, but I have to pay more attention to these games than any others. Final Score: 68-61 Hoyas. Hoya Saxa!

View from the Cheap Seats - A Nervous Perspective from JahidiLikesPie:

Welcome to the 'Send their Asses Packing" Tour. First Stop? Cronan and Cincy.

Nervousness Level: Holy St. Bernard Shit!

View from the Sports Book
- An Unbiased Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: Georgetown -4.5.

I'm more than a tad wary of throwing money on the Hoyas coming off that emotional win against Syracuse and having to then turn around and play in the Garden in front of a bunch of suits on their lunch breaks. This game will either be a Hoyas blowout or your traditional Hoyas-Bearcats, annoying Mick Cronin shitfest. I'll go with the latter and a barely there cover by the blue and gray.

The pick is Hoyas -4.5. Final score Hoyas 63 - Bearcats 58.

Casual Hoya is 17-8 ATS this season.

Overall 73-42-1.

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