JT3 is the problem! Is it time to go?

It is with much regret that the following logic will not only shock 99.9% of CasualHoya nation but it will also spurn a flurry of idiotic responses.

JT3 and the Thompson family are holding the Hoyas back.
-We get good/great recruits
-We have plenty of funding
-We have (had) excellent draw with the Verizon center and national attention withinthe Big East for the last 10 years
-We have solid assistant coaches
-There is plenty of support from fans, alumni, and fund raisers

So whats the problem?

1) Our offense – It was great for a makeshift team. Think back to the Rivers/Hibbert/Darrel Owens days. Those guys were not 5, 4, or even 3 star kids. That offense fooled enough undisciplined teams to get us the right amount of wins to enter the NCAA Tourney. Tie that success in with the University name and the Thompson (JT2) connection to the NBA, and here comes Jeff Green and better prospects. Running our current offense is like telling a NFL team what play is coming next. Unless we dominate our opponent (not going to happen this year), our slow-motion offense will hold athletic Hoya players back - a possible reason high school prospects (Nerlens Noel) shy away from the hilltop. Has anyone noticed that we can’t come back from a 10 pt deficit with 7 minutes +/- remaining? We have a stable of 6' 9" McDonald’s all american athletes and high flyers that can dunk, alley opp, and with flashes of talent to look a like Kentucky/ Memphis. The offense tricks terrible defenses, eats the clock to make us appear to have a stellar defense (low opponents PPG), and grants just enough wins to get us into the tournament. Notice how other, terrible teams have figured us out and we keep loosing in the first/second round!!?? @BigWill627 has the right idea – we are not an ivy league team (anymore). Watching mid major (Butler) and unknown teams (Florida Golf Coast) enter and dominate the tournament shows one thing - success comes from running an offense that exposes the best talents of your team and exposing your opponent's weakness. JT3 needs to adapt his offense or go. A more physical defense won't hurt either.

2) $$$ – Think of this from JT3’s perspective. He has/ wants to continue making big $, have job security and coach basketball. A real dream job – I’ll take it. However people fail to see that he is a mediocre coach. He is winning just enough to keep Hoya fans wet with potential but always lets us down in Tournament play, big games (Kansas), and now even smaller match ups against teams like Elon. While statistics like multiple NCAA appearances are nice on a resume, you have to read in between the lines to really see that we have not business in the NCAA tournament and surely cannot win the NIT with any of our last 5-6 teams. JT2 also appears to be an adviser to the Hoyas (attends many practices, games, and events) and the team’s conduit the the NBA. That Thompson family is milking an 80s-90s era backed with one successful Princeton offensive season with Geoff Green. JT3 has blinded us with his name, 2 good seasons, and regular NCAA appearances. Until ticket sales drop, and they currently are, JT3 will be riding high for a long time with little to show in March.

3) Us, the fans. We love the story – "Envy our past, fear our future" – That phrase is on the back of my WE ARE GEORGETOWN t-shirt and I can’t tell you how many times people have laughed at my face. Until we, the fans, expect more from our teams, we will remain complacent with a mediocre offense, a mediocre coach, a team in a dying conference, and a program that is just one step ahead of the Craig Esherick era. Yep, I went there. We are still 5 steps behind Louisville, Syracuse, Michigan State, ...the list goes on.

Running that joke of an offense will hold back players and win just enough games for Hoya fans to extend JT3s contract. Don’t get me wrong. It could be and ideal program for the right players or offense. It's great for developing average players and teaching them how to pass. Developing an alternative (ACC-style) offense in addition to the motion offense will shake things up, keep teams on their toes, actually allow us to pull away with huge wins, and come back in the final minutes. It can keep the Thomson family’s wallets fat, reclaim their prestige, continue the informal NBA courting process with JT2, and bring HOYA nation another step closer to consecutive sweet 16 appearances.

Sweet 16 or bust!

Happy HOYA SAXA holidays,

Dorsey, from Yates.

Stay Casual, my friends.

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