New Season, New Beer: Introducing 'CasuALE: Stonewalls IPA'

The only thing better than a nice cold beer is a nice cold blog beer, and on the heels of the successful launch of the award-winning CasuALE last season, our blog brewmaster is back with a new varietal for this season.  Ladies and gents, meet the newest addition to the CasuALE family, Stonewalls IPA.








For those keeping track at home (and sadly there are probably a number of you that are), Stonewalls IPA is now the 4th varietal in the CasuALE family:

CasuALE: Cynical


CasuALE: Delusional


The special edition CasuALE: Matrimonial that was produced to ring in the recent nuptials of bloglord Hire Esherick.


Now comes Stonewalls IPA, which is best described as follows:

Stonewalls IPA is a "west-coast" inspired beer that is keeping it casual. It's extravagantly hopped four times during the boil then dry-hopped with Simcoe (pine, grapefruit) and Citra (tropical, stone fruit). It packs just enough of a hop punch to keep it interesting, but all the bitterness falls off in the finish and you are left with a touch of sweetness from the malt. The beer clocks in at 5.6% ABV, 65 IBUs, and just enough delusion to keep you fully invested in a second pint.

For those trying to squint to read the label, here's what it says:

Georgetown's stone wall runs along 37th street and is deeply rooted in Blue and Gray tradition. From the original athletic team "The Stonewalls" to the University's trademark yell "Hoya Saxa!" ("What Rocks!"), to today's supporter club "The Stonewalls" located in Section 118 of the Verizon Center, the permanence of stone speaks to the devoted Hoya.

Stonewalls IPA is continuing the tradition as a hop-forward beer with a foundation of stone splitting bitterness, and a malty balance of fortified barley, solidified with a yeast mortar. These intense flavors will be no impediment to your taste buds once you experience the wall of citrus and pine aromas from the four varieties of hops used throughout the boil and dry-hopping. Stonewalls IPA - Forever Loyal to the Blue and Gray.

Look for Stonewalls IPA at various Casual GameWatches throughout the season and of course, at the 5th Annual Casual Extravaganza.

Hoya Saxa and here's to the new season!
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