Peanut Gallery: Kansas State Wildcats v. Georgetown Hoyas

What some Hoyas are thinkin' about the Hoyas.

View from the DJ Booth - A Musical Perspective from lordnick:

You idiots. You should never Blog DJ before conference play.

View from the DJ Booth, Part II - A Musical Perspective from JasonClarksAlienArms who thinks he is a better Blog DJ than lordnick:

Big shout out to Lord Nick for putting our season on the brink of collapse with that heretical song selection. Lubick might look like Dobbs, but Georgetown was most certainly Andy Dufresne yesterday, and that just ain't pretty. Time to pick ourselves up and remember what playing hard feels like.

View from the DJ Booth, Part III - A Musical Perspective from MCHoya who thinks he is a better Blog DJ than lordnick or JasonClarksAlienArms:

Since it seems like our season has turned into a giant fiasco, I'm going to throw my hat into the ring of "Blog DJ" for the Kansas State game.

I've chosen "Jump" because it's an upbeat song that in reality is about convincing someone to jump off a bridge. I feel it encapsulates our season thusfar:

View from the DJ Booth, Part IV - A Musical Perspective from WarmupEwing, who also thinks he is a better Blog DJ than lordnick or JasonClarksAlienArms :

Good morning.

We lost to Northeastern yesterday. That game's over. We play Kansas State today.

Nobody here is a stranger to pain - we've been down this road before. You know what makes this morning different? Hoyas are playing today. We've got 40 minutes to get a win. Forget yesterday, and forget tomorrow. We get to dust ourselves off, stare straight ahead, and take on those Wildcats. Knocked down, not knocked out. Let's go get this one.

Let your office know who you're rooting for.

View from the Student Section - A Youthful Perspective from Campus

This fucking sucks. Such a damn embarrassment. This is what I'm getting in my senior year? Please. I'm going to put as much effort into this perspective as the Hoyas put in this afternoon against Northeastern. So that about wraps it up.

View from the Cheap Seats - A Nervous Perspective from JahidiLikesPie:

It's all over.

Not nervous. Not watching.


View from the Sports Book
- An Unbiased Perspective from Vegas:

The Line: Georgetown -4.

Woo-hoo!  While all you idiots were crying about the outcome I was laughing my way to the bank on the heels of a real relaxing Northeastern + 14 victory.  I'll roll with the Hoyas today, just because I can't imagine the team can play any worse.

I think.

The pick is Georgetown -4. Final score Hoyas 75 - Wildcats 68.

Casual Hoya is 2-1 ATS this season.

Overall 76-45-1.

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